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Lucien Clergue, passion for photography and love of the nude

June 14, 2019


Founder of the Arles meetings and one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, Lucien Clergue has left us a superb artistic heritage. We know his famous portraits of Picasso or Salvador Dali, who will become friends, he is also known for his female nudes.





Black and white being part of his foundations, his photographs are part of our contemporary world. His work on the relationship between nature, water, light, and bodies reinforces this timeless character. Under his lens, the woman rises to the rank of icon, in the manner of Aphrodite to whom he has often paid homage.







Lucien Clergue led a long struggle for the recognition of photography as an art, on the same level as sculpture, engraving or painting. This is why in 1969 he founded the Arles meetings with the historian Maurice Rouquette and the writer Michel Tournier. They will invite the best photographers in the world. 50 years later, the event continues to stir national cultural life and amaze the cultural sector and enthusiasts around the world.





Grimaud, Camogli or the sun differently

May 25, 2019

Camogli, "house of women"


There are these destinations that we do not want to share because they are still secret places, free from any tourist. Among those that inspire us  : the village of Camogli in Italy or the town of  Grimaud in the golf course of Saint - Tropez.


Camogli is a small, very romantic maritime village overlooking the Paradiso Gulf, in the province of Genoa in the heart of the Liguria region. Its natural setting promises you holidays as authentic as they are exceptional. Discover the colorful facades of the city, the Minor Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta or the Chateau della Dragonara.




















Just as charming as Portofino but much less touristy, Camogli is also known for its narrow Ligurian buildings, all in height, up to ten floors, dominating the lungomare, the seafront. The facades, in peach, apricot or lemon color, feature trompe-l'oeil motifs or religious symbols, virgins to the child and Roman gods.


According to legend, Camogli was only a small village, posed with its church on a small island protecting the port where the sailors' wives mourned their husbands while awaiting their return, the name of the village meaning "house of women" in dialect. Genoese.


The colors of the facades are a source of inspiration for Sophie, artistic director of the brand Sous Les Pavés.


Grimaud, my love


Many know Sainte-Maxime or Saint-Tropez, much too popular with tourists for our taste. Few know Grimaud in the Var department within the canton of Sainte - Maxime, which is also located within the Golf de Saint - Tropez.


A true lakeside city of modern times, this giant marina was imagined and built by the architect François Spoerry from 1966. Since 2002, it has been listed as a 20th century heritage, an official French label created in 1999.
























Port-Grimaud, a remarkable exotic location, often called the “Venice of Provence”

To discover the heart  from the city, you will have to leave your vehicle in the parking lot near the site. Here, the quality of life and the preservation of the environment are not forgotten with a completely electric land transport service.


In order to remain elegant, while having a pragmatic side during your walks along the port, your Sous Les Pavés pouches will be perfect to accompany you this summer.


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